Life Behind The Lens

Red Konica

Life Behind The Lens

My name is Vanda Ralevska. Photography is my passion, which started when I got my first camera from my Dad, a little red Konica. At that time in Czechoslovakia a camera was a very special present. Whenever I could I rushed outside to photograph the world around me.

With the passing years and a move to England, my passion grew into an inseparable part of my life and now my camera goes wherever I go. I believe that you can find inspiration in all the little things that you pass by in everyday life. Capturing images of places, people and moments in time led me to a happy accident when a friend of mine asked me to take some photographs for her.

It proved to be a great experience that I was keen to repeat again. This was when I realised that I can see something in people. It is in all those little things people do that make them special, the same something I want to capture. I really enjoy creating the one-to-one relationship with the person in front of the camera and I find it very energising. Together we create a relaxed atmosphere full of fun and fantastic creativity. People love the energy of the whole experience and being actively involved in creating the images they feel they play their part in the final result.

One thing led to another and I have been very fortunate to have worked with a lot of amazing people. Being involved in all those creative sessions I found that my love of landscapes, street life and little details played an important part in creating some of the images. It is a composite of all those skills. All these elements have come together to enable me to photograph in different environments – in a studio or on location and create the images that people want.

That red Konica found its permanent place on my desk and will always remind me of that special moment in my life. Sadly my Dad is no longer around to see how his wonderful present laid the foundations for what has become a life-long passion for me. And as I look down at the Konica now I hope it continues that way.

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